10 Question Training Needs Analysis Survey See Annex 3

Annex 2: Baseline Interview Questions
The purpose of this interview is to short-cut the Comprehensive Training Needs Analysis Questionnaire for Participants. So it will cover the general topics covered by the questionnaire, but with less detail.
These interviews are supposed to be 60 minutes long. Each set of questions should roughly take about 10 minutes long.
1. Tell me about yourself. Your organisation, your role there. Where are you based? Which communities do you work with?
2. What are the challenges you face in your work when it comes to using the internet? Is this a challenge that the communities that you work with face as well? In what way? How are you or your community members addressing these challenges?
3. What internet applications do you use the most? Do you use for work or for your personal life?
4. Which device do you use the most? What kind of device is it? What operating system does it run on?
5. What are your top concerns about using the internet and the applications that you use? Do you feel like those applications are secure?
6. Can you tell me what your top three expectations are about the training workshop?

Annex 3: 10-Question Training Needs Analysis

1. Name, Organisation, Position, and description of the work that you do.
2. What kind of communities do you work with, and what are their main issues?
3. How long have you been using the internet?
4. What operating system do you use the most?
5. What kind of mobile phone do you have?
6. What are the apps that you use the most?
7. What are the top three concerns you have about your use of technology and the internet?
8. What are the top three security tools / practice / tactic that you use?
9. What do you think are the top three issues around feminism and technology?
10. What do you want to learn from the training?

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