Documentation of Violence

About this learning activity

This is a deepening discussion activity to facilitate discussion around using mobiles to document violence how this relates to perpetuating violence.

Learning objectives this activity responds to

  • an understanding of mobile communication safety from the perspective that mobile phones are our tools for both personal, private and public, movement communications;

Who is this activity for?

Groups who are currently or considering using mobiles to document violence.

Time required

This activity will require about 30 minutes.

Resources needed for this activity

  • Printed or linked case studies


Share some recent examples of movements using mobiles to document violence and ask participants to share examples of how they are using mobiles to document violence or to share documentation. Examples may include: documenting state violence, forwarding videos of violent acts, the implications of having possession of this kind of media.

Explain that this activity is to facilitate space of discussion and debate around this use.

Give each small group a case study to ready and discuss.
Break into small groups. Ask people to read the case study and discuss.


  • What is the example
  • What is the debate
  • How did people in your small group engage with the debate?

Additional Resources

Case studies and blog posts about the impacts of documenting violence

-> add pieces/resources US Movement for Black Lives
-> do not forward
How-to Guide for Interviewing Survivors of Sexual and Gender-based Violence (by WITNESS)

Examples of how people are using mobiles in organizing - we suggest gathering local or relevant current examples of how organizers are using mobiles and asking your participants and hosts for examples in preparation for the workshop.

Migrant workers documenting abuses

  • Huridocs and Migrant Forum in Asia´s app: MRVRS
  • Centre for Migrant Advocacy´s OFW-SOS
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