Hands On Safeguarding Un Secure Spaces

The goal of this activity is to go through the privacy options accounts and groups of the agreed-upon (i.e. the commonly used in the group) social media sites.

Before you start going to the social media sites, have the participants reflect on and write down on pieces of paper the following:
- Who do you want to be able to see the content in this space?
- Who is this space for?
- What will the main content of this space be? Do you want other people to know about this?
- Is this an open / public, closed / private, open / private, closed / public space?

Note for facilitator: If you do the activity, Develop Your Internet Dream Place, you can probably use the results of that activity in place of this first step. Just make sure that you and each participant has written down


Dimensions of safety and the internet: What are the current issues?
- real name policies and their implications for organising and expression online
- the myth that to be online is to be anonymous and therefore safe — laws and policies that don´t allow for this
- women´s experience of the internet — harassment, attacks, etc

Strategies for Getting Closer to ¨Safe¨ in Current Online Spaces
- Privacy settings on social media — is it enough?

Examples + Stories

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